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Tired of Looking for Four Leaf Clovers? Alpharetta, GA

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Tired of Looking for Four Leaf Clovers?

four-leaf clover

As a child, you may have loved lying on your belly in a patch of clover on your lawn, searching for that rare four leaf clover to bring you good luck. While this may be a favorite outdoor pastime for a child, you may not love these growing patches of clover in your yard as… Continue Reading

Are Your Shrubs Prepared for the First Frost?

Shrubs warped with tarp in order to protect them from low temperatures.

When freezing temperatures are expected in Georgia, we bring our pets inside and unpack our winter coats and gloves. But what about your landscape? Beyond winterizing your irrigation system, you may also need to prepare your shrubs and bushes for plunging temperatures. Though freezing weather is not long-lasting or too common in our southern state,… Continue Reading

Do Your Trees Need More Attention?

privacy trees

Compared to your grass or your flower beds, your trees may seem like the most independent and low-maintenance part of your landscape. However, both young and old trees need some attention and care to stay healthy. Keep in mind that when a tree dies and goes unnoticed, it can be a safety and liability threat… Continue Reading

Fall Yard Cleanup and More

Fall Yard Cleanup

Fall is known for its changing leaves and crisp air. However, in terms of your landscape, the fall season is a very important time. Fall is a transition period for your landscape, or the time between the last remnants of summer growth and preparation for winter dormancy. To ensure your fall landscape stays healthy and… Continue Reading

4 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Lawn Care Service

A carefuly kept front yard showing summer colours

Your lawn is a crucial component for creating a great first impression and boosting your property value. You may not have the time or the skills to take care of your lawn properly yourself. A professional lawn care service can save you time and money in creating a healthy and beautiful lawn. Here are four… Continue Reading

3 Summer Watering Tips for Your Georgia Plants

Sprinklers watering lawn and flowers in a garden.

If you’ve live in the Atlanta area, you know that the summertime heat is nothing to dismiss. With average daily temperatures in the high 80s and 90s, summer in Georgia can be a scorcher. While you can personally find some shade, a pool or indoor air conditioning to get relief from the heat, your plants… Continue Reading

What to Consider When Choosing Your Patio Pavers

a patio

Do you want to install a paver patio but feel overwhelmed with your selection choices? You are not alone. Choosing pavers can be a headache for many homeowners. At Everlast Lawns & Landscapes, we are happy to walk you through the process. As a general guide, however, we recommend you consider the following questions when… Continue Reading

Retaining Walls Aren’t Always a Bad Thing

Retaining wall in a backyard.

Having a retaining wall in your backyard may not be ideal, but it doesn’t have to sabotage your outdoor space or decrease the value of your home. In fact, when designed and installed properly, your retaining wall can not only save your property from erosion but also add visual and functional appeal. At Everlast Lawns… Continue Reading

Is it Time to Replace Your Shrubs?

privacy trees

Did you know that there are certain features of your landscape that have a “shelf life”? Plants, for example, won’t last forever and they are not invincible – even with the best care and intentions. Like all living things, plants will eventually die. If you want to retain a beautiful and healthy landscape, however, you… Continue Reading

How to Successfully Lay Sod in Your Georgia Yard

Sod Installation

Most would agree that laying sod one of the most fulfilling landscaping tasks. Right before your eyes, you can watch a barren piece of land transform to into a lush, thriving and usable lawn. While laying sod isn’t super complicated, it does require some skill and know-how. There is a specific and proper process you’ll… Continue Reading

Our Client Reviews

Everlast Lawns and Landscapes, L.L.C.

4.6 / 5.0

Based on 22 reviews

Eliza Barnhill

So far so good! Found Everlast through Next Door and signed up for monthly service. After meeting with Chris we learned about their other services and got new landscape lights installed and some cleanup work in the front and backyard. Happy to say the lights look amazing, and the initial cleanup was so promising that we’re on our second round of projects with them in just a couple weeks. Great personalized service and they’ve addressed any issues and requests that have popped up along the way. Excited to see the final product once it’s all finished.

Amanda Miller

Chris and team did an awesome job on our landscaping project. They had great ideas, were easy to work with and took time to listen to what we wanted to accomplish. The staff was always prompt, took care of our property and were very professional. I would highly recommend them, as the finished project looks great and their prices are very reasonable.

Ebba Hansen

Starting using them last spring for weekly mowing and trim. I’ve been very happy with the job they’ve done. Competitively priced. Just hired to overseed the backyard. They scheduled and completed the job quickly. Very professional.

Rich Markham

Chris was on time for the initial estimate. Gave us a fair price. Guys did the job on schedule. Had a little issue, but Chris got the team out to resolve quickly. Highly recommend this company.

Andrea Carver

I loved working with Everlast Lawns & Landscaping. I had an eyesore of a retaining wall that I hated. Working with Chris to redesign it with Allen blocks made such a difference. I appreciate his expertise and patience answering all my questions promptly and completely. Great job.

Deborah Woodworth

We highly recommend Everlast Lawn and Landscapes. We are new to the area, we saw their truck at a neighbors home and called them. Friendly, professional and prompt. They did a fantastic job on the clean up of our backyard and we are happy with the weekly lawn maintenance. But just as importantly we really appreciate their timely responses to any inquiry we may have had.

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