The heart of your landscape design....

Here at Everlast, we provide expert Plant, Shrub, and Tree Installation. We specialize in an assortment of different ornamental horticulture projects, such as:

  • All Types of Garden Design
    • Shade or Full Sun
    • Xeriscaping

  • Seasonal Color (Annuals and Perennials)
    • Raised Flower Beds
    • Pots and Flower Boxes

  • Installation of Trees and Shrubs for screens, borders, etc…

  • Recommendations on Deer Resistant Plant Varieties

With any Plant Installation, we make sure to amend all soil appropriately, which generally includes a mixture of Professional Landscapers Mix, a Soil Conditioner that promotes water retention, existing Native soil, and a time-released fertilizer. We also guarantee that each and every hole is excavated properly for each plant to ensure optimum heath for the new plants.